Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


I always love that Ruth Ayres Writes provides a place to share about the goodness of the week.


Letting Go.  I am letting go of my hope for a snowfall and embracing our springlike weather.  We had the warmest February in the history of weather. How can you not celebrate spring with these in the yard?

20150301_154716 20150301_154920


Time with Husband

My days are long at school.  I am tired when I get home during the week. So yesterday, it was lovely to have a day with DH and go to lunch at a little ma and pa place, drive out to Estacade, OR to a fabulous second hand store, Mikes.


Poetry Rocks: Performance Poetry is my after school activity this year.  We are planning to perform at the local Barnes and Noble in April. This will be the kick off to a five day book faire.  I hope it goes well.


Reading Shel Silverstein out loud.


Hopefully located a long lost friend.

What are you celebrating?


Celebrate: Five Star Things About This Week

2015/01/img_0626.jpgThanks to Ruth Ayres Writes for providing a place to share all the goodness in our lives. And we need to celebrate the goodness.

Middle and youngest Grandgirls were here for last weekend. So good to see them. As you can see they love to put on shows.



Receiving these New Year postcards from everywhere. I also sent them out to the group who expressed interest in sharing.


Having lunch with the top readers for November.


Time for research in the library. Learning that sometimes we need to shift our topics if the materials aren’t available.


Selecting my One Little Word for this year: OPEN.

Celebrate: Star Things About the Past Few Weeks

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

Saturday is a day to reflect on all the good in past week. Read more at Ruth Ayres Writes.

Remember how I shared about the donation of muffins from a local church last week. Well, on Monday, they treated he staff to cookies and coffee when we arrived. And hand made cards thanking us for all we do for your students. It was such a great way to begin a week.


Some one had her first birthday in the double digits. We ate at this fabulous Italian restaurant.

Gathering with other teacher librarians to talk about technology. Each of our schools are getting Chrome Books on the journey toward 1:1 devices for all students. There’s so many changes a foot in our district and it’s happening so fast.

Getting poetry books for review in the mail. Being on the CYBILS means that books not available from the library arrive for some publishers. It’s so exciting receiving the books and reading them. So many good choices!


This in the library today. Fifth graders enjoying a magazine. I am working to create more reading spaces in the library.

What are you celebrating?

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


It’s Saturday. Time to celebrate the week at Ruth Ayres Writes. I love this ritual of each week reflecting on the good in my world.


IMG_1417.JPG Watching oldest grandgirl each week. She’s developing confidence and skills. Today she made three great serves.

The generosity of a neighboring church to donate eleven dozen muffins for our “Muffins and Moms” event at the book fair on Monday. It’s so wonderful that there’s more outreach between church’s, the police departments and other community agencies with schools. This church has given us lunch buddies, supplies, and time.

We had a two hour late start due to a little snow and freezing cold weather. This is what the kindergartners said: “Elsa did it because it was ice not snow and it’s not winter yet.” Gotta love them!

Weather! We finally had our first frost on Tuesday morning. After a horribly warm October, I am loving the cold temps of this month. Plus the sun! And the anticipation of snow Wednesday night was the best (even though there wasn’t really any where I live but it did snow during Thursday).

Writing Group. We met Monday evening. What I love is their honesty and suggestions. The bonus was having Tuesday to write.

What are you celebrating?

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


Each Saturday people take the time to reflect on the week and then share at Ruth Ayres Writes. Here I am, once again a day late.  It’s been that kind of week with school and the home front and the need to sleep commanding my attention.  I missed my Tuesday post on Deowriter for SOLSC14. I missed Poetry Friday here as well.

But as I went to Ruth’s blog today and read her post on Personal Landmarks, I read words that reassured me that I am not alone.  There are times we all struggle. This statement reminds me of my capabilities: “I’m a writer who writes –15 minutes each day on her current story.”

So now to my celebrations of the week.


Family. They are there when you need them.  We had a week that the support and love of family was critical.


The CYBILS nominations of the Poetry books.  I think we have a great selection of Children and YA books to review and select finalists for January.  As the organizer, this has been one of the time commitments this week.


A co-worker and I engaged in a banter of Picasso quotes:

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


It’s Saturday. Time to celebrate and share at Ruth Ayres Writes.

Getting some organizing task completed. I saw an orthopedic surgeon this week. He wants to do surgery this coming week (hopefully) or by July 23. There’s not much I will be able to do once surgery happens. I feel this great need to clean and organize the house. So today I spent time in the garage and guest room. Some of it is on my “summer to do” list.

Green plants!

20140712-182536.jpg As I have stated to friends recently “Our house will end up like Briar Roses’ castle”, this is proof that it’s actually happening. And with my shoulder, pruning is not a task I should do.


20140712-182839.jpg Watching grandgirl in her pool. This picture just cracks me up. I celebrate her joyous nature.

I finished the book Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams. It’s a powerful book written in verse. An editor suggested I read it as a mentor text.
Also recently read Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

Time to have breakfast and catch up with friends this week. It’s what I love about summer.

What are you celebrating?

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

There’s always so much to celebrate each Saturday. More celebrations can be found at Ruth Ayres Writes.

I love summer. Love the easier, slower pace of life. We left to visit our Idaho friends on Wedneday. One of the best parts f the trip is the ever changing sky.


While not the news I had hoped for, I found the source of my shoulder pain plaguing me for the past five months. Had an MRI on Monday. It revealed a complete muscle tear with a partial tear. I see the ortho surgeon on Tuesday. So I celebrate knowing what’s wrong and how to proceed.

Small town parades. We love the Buhl, ID Independence Day parade. This year we had oldest grand girl with us. She loved the throwing of the candy in to the crowds. One of the highlights for me is the gigantic farm machines.


Found poetry at Hagerman Park. Our tradition includes the annual picnic in the park. Yesterday, it was quite warm. This was found painted on the sidewalk.


And the evening f the fourth is always filled with fireworks. What is it about sparklers that are so magical? And why do kids love smoke bombs so much?



What are you celebrating?

Poetry Friday: Threads


The month long celebration of the life and legacy of William Stafford continues. Last Sunday I attended the book launch for Ritual to Read to Each Other: Poems in Conversation with William Stafford. A Ritual to Read to Each Other: Poems in Conversation with William Stafford, published by Woodley Press. The collection doesn’t just offer poems in tribute but invites readers to write poems. This is a poem that I have worked on for several years based on a quote from Stafford.

“Only the golden string knows where it is going, the role for the writer or reader is one of following not imposing.”
 ~William Stafford


Discovered while cleaning out
at the remains of mother’s library.
One tucked in her yellowed yearbook pages.
A message jumped out-
describing a scene I did not know:
on the third floor of the dorm
telling ghost stories
until the wee morning hours.

Graduated as a nurse.
Ready to serve her country,
she married instead.
Dusky blue threads, remnants of her bridal gown
slipped in the pages of her Catholic Bible.
Six months later, Mom and Dad
climbed aboard the Greyhound bus
and traveled west.

Settled into the place of sunshine,
orange groves,
and opportunity.
Together, they worked out 
the ups and downs
of married life 
beyond the whispers of family.
She tucked 
a baptismal dress thread into my first Bible,
Easter Sunday, 1953.
The air perfumed by orange blossoms.

These threads and others
tucked away-
her life – a puzzle.
I sort them
wondering how to weave them together.

~Jone Rush MacCulloch, copyright, 2014

Poetry Friday is hosted by Tara at A Teaching Life.


Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

Oh it’s been a grand week.  One year ends and new one begins.

1. My New Year’s Eve was filled with a wild rumpus of grand girls, five, eight, and nine.20131231_211004

Playing Uno,Hunting Zombies, Banging Pots and Pans

Precious time together.


2. The CYBILS Finalists announced.

3. Finished reading The Faith Club by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver, and Priscilla Warner.  Onto The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin.

4. The sun and blue skies appeared in-between dense fog this week.

20140103_100112                                                                                                        This pic is of the Fremont Bridge as the fog is lifting.

5. Tea with a friend at Steven Smith Tea.  This is a little tucked away secret. Don’t you just love the packaging?

20140103_100535 20140103_113047

Head over to Ruth Ayre Writes to see what others are celebrating.