Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


Each week, many hater at Ruth Ayres Writes to celebrate our week.

Thirty Days of Student Poetry
Here are some more to share for today:

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Spring Break. It’s been a good break and I am a bit sad to say good-bye. Will relish today and tomorrow.


Time with grand girl.  I visited her school and I taught poetry to the class.  Then after afterschool, she decided to be a “therapist”  after I told her “9 YO girls are perplexing.”  She created a “waiting room.” We also discussed how my husband forgets to lock his car every night. Her advice was to put a sticky note by the door to remind him:)


Snacks and water are provided at this office.


This guest post for Author Amok: http://authoramok.blogspot.com/2014/04/source-poems-we-are-waiting-pantoum.html I love pantuoms.


My friends from college.  I have had three great phone calls regarding our summer plans this week. These women are my sisters.