Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

There’s always so much to celebrate each Saturday. More celebrations can be found at Ruth Ayres Writes.

I love summer. Love the easier, slower pace of life. We left to visit our Idaho friends on Wedneday. One of the best parts f the trip is the ever changing sky.


While not the news I had hoped for, I found the source of my shoulder pain plaguing me for the past five months. Had an MRI on Monday. It revealed a complete muscle tear with a partial tear. I see the ortho surgeon on Tuesday. So I celebrate knowing what’s wrong and how to proceed.

Small town parades. We love the Buhl, ID Independence Day parade. This year we had oldest grand girl with us. She loved the throwing of the candy in to the crowds. One of the highlights for me is the gigantic farm machines.


Found poetry at Hagerman Park. Our tradition includes the annual picnic in the park. Yesterday, it was quite warm. This was found painted on the sidewalk.


And the evening f the fourth is always filled with fireworks. What is it about sparklers that are so magical? And why do kids love smoke bombs so much?



What are you celebrating?