It’s Monday. What Are You Reading?


Thanks to Teach Mentor Texts, we can find out what everyone is reading.

Today a fourth grader share about a book series I put on hold from the library.  It’s Michael Dahl’s  Library of Doom series.

I am sharing with fourth and fifth graders about some of the new research regarding the Lone Woman of San Nicholas Island otherwise known as Karana of ISLAND OF THE DOLPHINS by Scott O’ Dell.  This is my favorite childhood chapter book.  I lived near Santa Barbara and have been to the Channel Islands (San Nicholas is part of the island chain.)

The Ventura County Star just posted this article about the research conducted by Steve Schwartz. In 2012, Schwartz led a team and discovered what is thought to be the cave that she lived in all those years.   In 2015, the Navy halted the dig so Schwartz has been reading the work of  J.B. Harrington, a linguist from the 1900’s.


What I love about all this is that it’s a conversation about how when authors write historical novel over time new information can inform our thinking.  Scott O’Dell did the best research he could do in the late 50’s.  I think he’d be happy to know that it’s continuing and that tribes such as Chumash and Pechanga are involved.

For my October book club we are reading THE LAKE HOUSE by Kate Morton.  It took a bit of getting into when I wasn’t tired but I am hooked.

What are you reading?