Poetry Friday: Showing the Poetry Postcard Love

IMG_1077Thank you Karen for hosting Poetry Friday.

Congratulations to Bridget Magee, Gail Aldous, Brenda Davis Harsham, Molly Hogan, and our Poetry Friday Host, Karen Edmisten. Please email me with your addresses so I can mail you a copy of HERE WE GO by Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell.

Aren’t these awesome?  These are the post cards I received in January.  They really made my month brighter.


And it’s that time again…get ready for the NINTH Annual Student Poetry Postcard Event coming in April.

Would you like to receive one?  Sign up HERE:


Poetry Friday: First Student Poetry of the School Year


Thanks to Karen for hosting Poetry Friday.

Greetings from Bellingham, WA and the Poetry Camp!

Announcement, announcement, announcement!  CYBILS Nominations open
TOMORROW, October 1.  Here’s the link:  CYBILS Nominations.

 This week, students brought me two poems for me to share.


Happy Poetry.

Happy Friday.