Thirty Days of Student Poetry


If its freedom I long for, its freedom
I’ll get, deep in their hearts they will
regret, a young wild mustang is hard
to contain, they will once more allow
for my freedom to reign.

Megan N.


Oceans are clear blue.
Coming waves to the shore.
East and west the waves are going.
Amazing creatures inside.
Natural blue water.

Yessina H.



I am sad, mad.
I wonder about walking on the clouds.
I hear rain.
I see clouds.
I want to fly.
I am sad, mad.

I pretend I’m flying.
I feel wind around.
I touch sky.
I worry to die.
I cry I have nothing to do.
I am sad, mad.

I understand nothing at all.
I say I cry.
I dream alot.
I try not crying.
I hope to fly.
I am sad, mad.

Vanessa Izoita
5th Grade

Happy Poetry.
Happy Reading.