Poetry Friday: Working with Kinders, Part I

Welcome to Poetry Friday. There is a celebration of women happening at Reading to the Core, it’s International Women’s Day. I have a poem at Deowriter about strong women.

Last October, at the Writing Poetry for Children Workshop, I was gifted with a galley copy of BOOM! BELLOW! BLEAT! By Georgia Heard (Its book birthday is next Tuesday).

I subbed in a kinder room on Monday and Tuesday this week. On Monday, I shared the galley with the TEN children (there was something going through the class). I gave them “homework” in that I wanted them to think of an animal to possibly write about on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we had another day of TEN children (can you tell it was heaven? They are a busy group though and we had a bit of a cry fest after lunch). In the morning I read this book, SUPERHERO INSTRUCTION MANUAL. As I was reading, I realize that by having the class come up with superhero names (favorite color + animal) would help prime the pump for the animal sound poems they would write in the afternoon.

My mentor poem(to me, their sound reminds me of chk, chk, chk):

I shared it with the students. We noticed that I used Chk! Chk! Chk! three times for rhythm and we talked about using words starting with H. We made a chart of possible animals sounds next:

I gave the students a paper with the scaffolding and they went to work. I spent time conferencing with them. It’s so fun to see where they are with their writing and their confidence. Certainly, everyone has a poem. It was more of a challenge for some. Here’s some of their drafts.

I can tell that A. had thought about what she wanted to say. She walked into class telling me about which animal and kept asking when we would write.

L. wasn’t sure about what the sound of a red ladybug. We talked about it and she came up with “Fzzz”.

E. knew immediately he wanted a rainbow lamb. He also knew that it should say Meow-Baa and that they have have doggie ears.

K. wrote without needed me to make dots for the words. We conferred and he shared what he wrote.

E. is and ELL student. I love that she could read this to me.

I took their work and typed up the final copies. Each will have an additional sound line that didn’t fit on the page. On Monday, I’m subbing half day in the building and will meet with them to illustrate their final copy. You’ll get to see the final copies next week. At the request of the teacher, we are using initials for privacy.

So I am sad to report that student poetry postcards most likely won’t happen this year.  That said, I am creating a limited edition poetry postcard for those who are interested in receiving a poem for National Poetry Month.
If interested please sign up here:


Poetry Friday: It’s That Time of Year

Poetry Friday is held at Mainely Write with Donna.


Students began writing poems this week in preparation for National Poetry Month.  What I love most is integrating what students are learning in the classroom.  Third graders are researching animals.  Fifth graders are writing a variety of poems.  Here’s a sneak peak:

mysterious killer whale
I am as ferocious as a tiger shark
I hunt in a group.
I take down whales bigger than me.
I live up to 30 to 50 years
I’m a ferocious orcinus orca.

Luke M., 3rd grade


Scared is white like the ghost you just saw.
It sounds like people screaming like the ones around you.
It tastes bitter like the burnt popcorn you’re eating whale watching that horror movie.
It smells like the thick fog in the graveyard that you’re walking in.
It looks like five faceless ghosts surrounding you… like they are right now!
It makes me feel powerless… like you are now.

Morgan S., 5th grade

Would you like to receive a poem in April?  Visit HERE.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.



Poetry Friday: Wrapping Up National Poetry Month


Well, it was almost thirty days of student poetry. I hate when days get ahead of me and I don’t get posts up. National Poetry Month is complete.

I want to thank those of you who have shared your poetry postcards on Facebook and your blogs such as Laura Salas and Liz Stenglass. I loved getting signed and personalized bookmarks for the students from Irene Latham. I have been sharing these with students.

Most of the postcards that were sent out have been accepted into the National Schools Writing Project’s Young Americans Poetry Project.
This digest is in its twentieth year and such a great place to send student work for publishing.

Here is more poetry for students:
I am a tiny humming bird.
My colors are as colorful as a bright rainbow.
You can barely see my wings flapping so hard.
I never stop beating my wings or I can die.
I am the fastest flier.

Kara M.
Grade 4
I am cerulean.
I am as swift as a whale.
I travel like a fish.
I have razor-sharp teeth I am big so look out for me.
I am a whale shark.

Malachai D.
Grade 4
I am a soft Tiger.
My tail wiggles like waves in the ocean.
I sneak up under the grass to stalk my prey.
I purr when I am happy.
I am a brave Tiger.

Melissa R.
Grade 4
I am a pink pig.
I am as fat as a bookshelf.
I wobble and tremble.
I don’t sweat.
I am a pig named Olga.

Nathan K.
Grade 4
I am a cute dog
Small as a Persian cat
I can go five miles per hour
I am a pug

Logan M.
Grade 4

If you signed up for a postcard and didn’t get one, please email me at macrush53-at-yahoo-dot-com. I will be getting a few final ones out(international next week).
Poetry Friday is at Katya’s Write.Sketch. Repeat.

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

Please see what others are celebrating at Ruth Ayre Writes.

This sneak attack photo of a grandmother and granddaughter reader the school play script together.

Teaching third graders how to save a document. In the computer lab for the first time this year, they followed directions very well.

I am half way through the month of writing everyday at Deowriter for the Slice Of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.



Bringing out the parachute at PreK Storytime. As you can see is was loads of fun.

The response to the Poetry Postcard Project. Over sixty have signed up and there’s room for more. Please visit HERE to provide me with your snail mail details.

What are you celebrating?

Poetry Friday: Poetry Postcards Getting Ready

As you can see the students are working on their poetry postcards in preparation of National Poetry Month.



Do you want a postcard send to your home or school? Visit HERE to sign up.

Poetry Friday is being held at My Juicy Little Universe

Happy reading. Happy Poetry.


Poetry Friday: Getting Ready for National Poetry Month


It’s only thirty-seven days until April. Not only does April bring showers and May flowers, it brings us National Poetry Month?

I love this month. Actually every month is poetry month for me. I just finished be the chair for the CYBILS Poetry category and for the New Year, I participated in a haiku new year postcard exchange. I received over 20 postcards from around the world. Who said snail mail is dead.

For the fifth year, students from my school, illustrate postcards with their poems printed on them. We then send them throughout the word. I have a map in the hallway with red push pins to indicate where the poems are going.



Last year, people started sending poems back so we posted those as well. It is not expected that people respond but I have to tell you that the students loved getting responses.

I am hoping that people will sign up again this year. If you do, feel free to fill out the form HERE

CONGRATS to Matt Forrest who won and ebook copy of The Late Bird by Greg Pincus. Matt email me.

Thanks to Sheri Doyle for hosting today.

Happy Reading.

Poetry Friday: Thirty Days, Thirty Plus Students

Our Map of where the Poetry Postcards were sent and responses!

More Kindergarten Poetry


Gray Brown
I love her
Me and my Chihuahua walk
We went for a walk and found gold

 By: Jasmine


Big brother
Tells the truth|
My brother is very funny
At the beach he dug a big hole

By: Jack


Leaves grow
I see blossoms
I play in the sun
I like it because I can pick flowers

 By: Abigail


We play
She loves me
We like to play princesses
I say to my sister I you’re beautiful

By: Valeria


Poetry Friday is hosted by Random Noodling.

Happy Reading. 



Poetry Friday: Poetry Postcard Project


Third grade haiku postcards

You can receive a postcard during National Poetry Month.  This is the fourth year students at my school have created poetry postcards to send hither and yon.

So far postcards are goong to the following states:

New York

Where else will they go? 

This year’s postcards will be from kindergarten (fibonacci poems) and third grade (mostly haiku). 

It’s been asked if a postcard should be sent in return, no need but if you want to, the school address will be on the return address.

If you want one, please email me at macrush53 at yahoo dot com.  I will put you on the list to get one for National Poetry Month.

Poetry Round Up is at A Year of Reading.  Thank you, Mary Lee.

Happy Reading.


Poetry Friday: Robert Frost

The days are getting longer, the yellow faces of the daffodils about to poke through, and yet a dusting of snow once again this week.  I am ready for spring.  I loved the line:

“And make us happy in the happy bees,
The swarm dilating round the perfect trees.”

A Prayer in Spring

Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day;
And give us not to think so far away
As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
All simply in the springing of the year.

Oh, give us pleasure in the orchard white,
Like nothing else by day, like ghosts by night;
And make us happy in the happy bees,
The swarm dilating round the perfect trees.

Read the rest of the poem HERE.

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I will send you an original student written poem.


Happy Reading.