Poetry Friday: Poetry in Library

IMG_1077Poetry Friday is held today at Robyn Campbell.

It’s the time of the year I love; working with students to create poetry postcards to send during National Poetry Month.  Of course before the poetry postcard, students need to write a poem.

In grades three and four, students have selected an animal to do a micro-research for facts using World Book online. I believe that students need to be creators of new information not just users of information. Once the students have their facts, they then get to write their poem.  It’s a lot to cram into a thirty minute block for library.  Our lessons take several weeks.

One of the neat things is that not library can be a bit more fluid, meaning that the students have their library work in their Google Doc and can work on them in class. And as they share their work I can, view it and respond.  This makes for way more interaction between us.  It seems like I never could give immediate feedback on their papers.

Many are in process but I did find this in a student’s folder so I’ll share it today:

I am a curious koala

I am as soft as a teddy bear

I climb cuddle and sleep

I climb in my moms pouch and get piggy back rides

I am a cuddly marsupial or a Phascolarctos cinereus

~Jasmine O., 3rd grade

More will be shared during April.  Soon the poems will be on their poetry postcards.  And if you desire one to be sent to you in April, you can sign-up HERE.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.


Poetry Friday: Taking a Stretch and An Announcement


Thank you, Linda for hosting Poetry Friday at Teacher Dance.

It’s my goal this year for more consistency in trying the Poetry Stretch over at The Miss Rumphius Effect. On Monday she gave us the Monometer form to try.  Here’s the definition: Monometer: a poem in which each line contains only one stress.

Here’s two I tried.  One for the fifth grade class I subbed in on Tuesday:


fifth grade
in their




it’s time
can’t wait
by kids
sent to
your house
sign up.

It’s our seventh year to be sending postcards to into the world.

Do you want one?

Please fill out this FORM.

Poetry Friday: Summer Poetry Postcard


Poetry Friday is upon us. Write Time is hosting us today. It’s her first time so here’s a big welcome. Thanks for hosting us all.

I returned from my time in Idaho to find a poetry postcard from Joy Acey.  How fun to recieve one after sending out many in April.


Here’s to dreams coming true.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.