Poetry Friday: More Student Work

IMG_1077Poetry Friday is hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect.  I love that she’s gone old school with the links.

A few weeks ago I featured student poetry.  I walked by the fourth/fifth classroom and noticed the art and poems. I just had to share!



In further news:

  • The Poetry Section for the CYBILS has about thirty eight titles nominated.  Woohoo.
  • Go to Today’s Little Ditty as Michelle reveals the cover to The Best of TLD, 2014-2015.  I am thrilled to be in this collection.
  • Find out more about the Winter Poetry Swap at Tabatha Yeatts.  Always great fun!                                  WINTER POETRY SWAP.jpg

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 14/30


Strong, Shoshone, Sacagawea
I am as brave as a bear
Steady, ready, and stable and ready for trouble
I am Captain Clark’s Admirer
Confident, Courageous, Scout

Katelyn M.
4th grade


Lewis loves lemons
I am a brave as a lion
I jump off a cliff
Lewis had a dog named Seaman
Lewis loves lemons

Kylie W.
4th grade


Strong, Shoshone Sacagawea
I am as smart as a dolphin
Ran, jumped and ran away
Am the expedition’s guide
Smart, courageous Native American

Kadence B.
4th grade


Smart, strong, Sacagawea.
I am as brave as a stealthy fox.
Sneaky, quiet, throws for prey.
Sacagawea has a crush on Clark.
Kind, amazing, Sacagawea.

Alaina K.
4th grade


National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 13/30




Sadness is black & blue
Sadness sounds like stiff silence
Sadness tastes like an icy cold wind
Sadness smells like hard bitterness
Sadness looks like a black, barren wilderness   
Sadness feels like like empty nothingness

Ciara M.
5th grade



snow drifts gracefully
from the sky it falls slowly
it brings joy to me

Tiereny P.
5th grade


fuzzy and cute
Playing, jumping, meowing
They are cuddly and fluffy

Alex B.
5th grade


My life is like playing football
My eyes are like clouds
My brothers are loud
My heart holds happiness
That is green as a color pencil
I live in ps3
And eat games.

Alexis T.
5th grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 9/30


Third grade researched animals on World Book and then wrote poems.


twisting head owl                                                                          .
I am as fluffy as a dog as I move through the forest
I strike as fast as a cheetah
I eat small mammals, birds, and insects
cool strix occidentalis.

Peighton S.
3rd grade


Fluffy cat
I am as fluffy as a fur coat
I sneak slowly swift
cats use their sensitive whiskers to help them sense their surroundings in the dark
Furry cat

Morgan S.
3rd grade



National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 7/30




snow drifts gracefully
from the sky it falls slowly
it brings joy to me

Tiereny P.
5th grade


white bear,sea bear,brown bear,forest bear

Aili H.
5th grade



anger is red
he is really loud
he tastes like strawberry
he smells like Takis
anger looks like fire
he makes me feel mad

Eileen C.
5th grade



feel breeze when running
feel power when you throw ball
music on when won

Yvette R.
5th grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 3/30



Third graders research animals with World Book online.  Then they write poems, including facts about the animal.


I am as mad as a shark.
I hunt alone.
I kill my own other cobras.
I eat frogs, lizards, snakes, small mammals.
I am fierce.
ophiophagus hannah.

Eric A.
3rd grade


Fantastic python
I am a python as slithery as a worm.
Sliding, biting, choking are ways that I hunt.
I dislocate my jaw to swallow my food whole.
Sneaky python molurus.

Milina W.
3rd grade


Fantastic Tasmanian devil.
I’m as fierce as a lion.
I run, jump and dig to get away.
I can have 2 – 4 newborns at a time.
I live in dark forests, grasslands and coastal areas.
I eat reptiles, birds, mammals and other animal remains.

Jaedyn H.
3rd grade


I am a scorpion
I walk on the hot ground
as I travel alone in day and night.
I sting my prey while eating.
I am a scorpion
I can get a human sick.

Ryan C.
3rd grade



Wednesday Wonderings: Dr. Seuss

We have Family Library Night once a month.  If it’s March, it’s “Cat in the Hat” Night to celebrate the life of Theodore Geisel AKA, Dr. Seuss.  Teachers sign up to read favorite books Seuss or not.  We have the local public librarian come.  This year we included our EOCF (Head Start) friends housed in the building and our Russian and Spanish ELL leaders shared a story activity.  We also had the choir sing a song from Seussical.

We have cake, give out books, and books marks for a terrific eveningFLIBNIGHT

What is it about Cat in the Hat and Dr. Seuss that most people love?

Digital Literacy Sunday: NCCE Reflection

20140601-203330.jpgIt’s Digital Literacy Sunday.  Margaret links all the posts HERE.

This is a meme that I want to be more regular in participating.  My job is in the midst of morphing into more digital literacy.  This is a great place to reflect on how my job is changing.

This past week I attended the Northwest Council of Computer Education conference in Portland, Oregon.  For five years, they have had a Teacher-Librarian Summit,  I have attended two.  It made my head spin.  Here’s my take-aways:

Twitter: About 90 minutes was about creating a Twitter account and using it.  Maybe it’s because I use it, I kept wondering how this would improve my day to day teaching.  I totally find it useful to find articles and such but I wanted more about the operations in the new brave world of being a Library Information Technology Teacher. (LITT).

Finding Your Voice:  Nikki D. Robertson presentation on Finding Your Voice had some meaningful things to consider. Most importantly is creating a MakerSpace for the library, a place to have kids be creative. Dang, I wish I hadn’t rid myself of all the Legos I had in the library. I can do this and I found some great post conference resources: Library Voice and All the Reasons Why.

One Note:  I plan exploring this as a way to keep my lessons in a digital binder.  Richard Snyder raved about it.

Infographics:  I need to learn how to use these with fifth graders.

Google Classroom:  Our district is exploring a LMS and Goggle Classroom is one that is being piloted.  The presentation on GC was one of the best I heard for this reason:  Technology needs to be in the background and the content is the foreground.  Technology needs to be simple to use.   Thanks to Jason for this presentation.

I think chewing on these five concepts will give me lots to consider.

Celebrate: Star Things About the Past Few Weeks