Thirty Days of Student Poetry

This week’s poetry comes from Mr. Yates’ fourth grade class. It’s a variety of forms.

I have a rock collection
The rocks are from the ground
Colorful rocks are what a rock collector wants
Interesting rocks are what people need
Rocks make roads and collectors collect them
Rocks are all over the world
Humans use lots rocks to make roads and science projects
But rocks are cool just the way they are.

Ben T.
4th grade


The shoulders are up
The eyes are staring at me
The beautiful cat

Brooklyn H.
4th grade

I’m a volcano
waiting for eruption
once I blow,
I will destroy
everything in my path.
Leaving nothing but fire and ash.

Dakota M.
4th grade


Sports sports can you see
Also a pick in a game
A tackle also to see

Elijah V.
4th grade

Snow falling, bears hibernating.
Streets full of snow. People

Brett B.
4th grade

Happy Reading.
Happy Poetry.