Poetry Friday: Featuring Second Grade Poets


Thanks to Buffy at Buffy’s Blog for hosting us today.

Second grade did research recently on animals of the Oregon Zoo.  They used  World Book Kids which has a fantastic animal quick facts chart and the Oregon Zoo website.

Following the research, we wrote animal poems.

polar bear
fluffy white bear
catching, running, fighting
you look like you’re made out of the snow
playing, hiking, swimming
white as snow
ursus maritimus

~Allison S

in open waters
swimming, protecting, eating sponge
been around for over 100 million years
laying eggs, weighing more than 1000 pounds
sea turtles


fast, cool
Chasing, resting, fascinating
Family, awesome, cubs, playful
Sneaking, sleeping, pouncing
jumping, turning
acinonyx jubatas


ursus maritimus
the Arctic
sea ice
playing, rolling, splashing
they live in cold places
polar bear


fast smart
hiding hunting chasing
you’re always looking for something else to do
eating sleeping scaring
having fun
acinonyt jubatus

~Allison D.

Sea otter
playing, swimming, eating
sunbathing in water grabbing hair body covering
creeping, sleeping, stepping
playful, silly


white sturgeon
when young eat mollusks
swimming clinging growing
freshwater and seawater
eating hiding growing
like a white and gray log




Poetry Friday: More Student Work

IMG_1077Poetry Friday is hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect.  I love that she’s gone old school with the links.

A few weeks ago I featured student poetry.  I walked by the fourth/fifth classroom and noticed the art and poems. I just had to share!



In further news:

  • The Poetry Section for the CYBILS has about thirty eight titles nominated.  Woohoo.
  • Go to Today’s Little Ditty as Michelle reveals the cover to The Best of TLD, 2014-2015.  I am thrilled to be in this collection.
  • Find out more about the Winter Poetry Swap at Tabatha Yeatts.  Always great fun!                                  WINTER POETRY SWAP.jpg

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 14/30


Strong, Shoshone, Sacagawea
I am as brave as a bear
Steady, ready, and stable and ready for trouble
I am Captain Clark’s Admirer
Confident, Courageous, Scout

Katelyn M.
4th grade


Lewis loves lemons
I am a brave as a lion
I jump off a cliff
Lewis had a dog named Seaman
Lewis loves lemons

Kylie W.
4th grade


Strong, Shoshone Sacagawea
I am as smart as a dolphin
Ran, jumped and ran away
Am the expedition’s guide
Smart, courageous Native American

Kadence B.
4th grade


Smart, strong, Sacagawea.
I am as brave as a stealthy fox.
Sneaky, quiet, throws for prey.
Sacagawea has a crush on Clark.
Kind, amazing, Sacagawea.

Alaina K.
4th grade


National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 12/30



Oops….I hit publish instead schedule…enjoy this preview.  More later.

I am a tough bottlenose dolphin.
I am as warm-blooded as a human.
I work in a group to catch prey.
Tough Tursiops Truncatus.

3rd grade


I am a blue jay
I live in forests
In America
I sample bird eggs
My parents will
Work together
To defend
The nest

Andrew D.
3rd grade

I am a colorful toucan.
I am as thin as a rabbit.
I fly in the sky.
I travel in groups called flocks
I am mostly hollow.

3rd grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 9/30


Third grade researched animals on World Book and then wrote poems.


twisting head owl                                                                          .
I am as fluffy as a dog as I move through the forest
I strike as fast as a cheetah
I eat small mammals, birds, and insects
cool strix occidentalis.

Peighton S.
3rd grade


Fluffy cat
I am as fluffy as a fur coat
I sneak slowly swift
cats use their sensitive whiskers to help them sense their surroundings in the dark
Furry cat

Morgan S.
3rd grade



National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 8/30


Today Poetry Friday is hosted by Laura at Writing the World for Kids.

Today’s poems are the result of studying the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Brave, bad Charbonneau
I am strong as a bear
Shooting, firing and yelling at the bear
Charbonneau is Sacagawea’s husband
Courageous, strong, mean

Theodore F.
4th grade


Clark, Strong, Confident, Clever
Jumping, Clever, Leaping, Smart
Jumping, Running Clark
Confident Clark

Alan S.
4th grade


Clever, courageous Clark.
I am as fast as a cougar.
I ran, shot, and paddled away from shore.
Clark makes maps and follows currents, loves Sacagawea.
Sneaky, wealthy, hero.

Mackenzie H.
4th grade


Clever, courageous Clark
I am strong as a grizzly bear
I jump, run from grizzly bears
I am William Clark and I make maps
Curious Captain Clark

Ethan K.
4th grade
Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.


National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 6/30



Delicate Dolphin.
I am a fast as a running cheetah.
I am swimming gliding,running
I am a dolphin always on the go.
Food fish and squids.|
Trifi tursiops truncatus.

Caitlin L.
3rd grade


Clownfish Orange.
Hunting, Swimming
They get eaten by sharks
Amphiprion ocellaris

Colton P.
3rd grade


Fantastic frog
I am as slimy as a slug
Jumping gliding swimming are ways I move
I can live seven to nine years
Rana catesbeiana

Dakotah Leach
3rd grade


Cool python
I am a fast as a bike
I hide, pawns, slither
They can live up to 30 years old
Slithering python molurus

Luke S.
3rd grade


Polar Bear
I am a good swimmer as a polar bear
running  jump climbing
25 miles 40 kilometers per hour
warm blooded

Sydney H.
3rd grade