National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 8/30


Today Poetry Friday is hosted by Laura at Writing the World for Kids.

Today’s poems are the result of studying the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Brave, bad Charbonneau
I am strong as a bear
Shooting, firing and yelling at the bear
Charbonneau is Sacagawea’s husband
Courageous, strong, mean

Theodore F.
4th grade


Clark, Strong, Confident, Clever
Jumping, Clever, Leaping, Smart
Jumping, Running Clark
Confident Clark

Alan S.
4th grade


Clever, courageous Clark.
I am as fast as a cougar.
I ran, shot, and paddled away from shore.
Clark makes maps and follows currents, loves Sacagawea.
Sneaky, wealthy, hero.

Mackenzie H.
4th grade


Clever, courageous Clark
I am strong as a grizzly bear
I jump, run from grizzly bears
I am William Clark and I make maps
Curious Captain Clark

Ethan K.
4th grade
Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.



National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 6/30



Delicate Dolphin.
I am a fast as a running cheetah.
I am swimming gliding,running
I am a dolphin always on the go.
Food fish and squids.|
Trifi tursiops truncatus.

Caitlin L.
3rd grade


Clownfish Orange.
Hunting, Swimming
They get eaten by sharks
Amphiprion ocellaris

Colton P.
3rd grade


Fantastic frog
I am as slimy as a slug
Jumping gliding swimming are ways I move
I can live seven to nine years
Rana catesbeiana

Dakotah Leach
3rd grade


Cool python
I am a fast as a bike
I hide, pawns, slither
They can live up to 30 years old
Slithering python molurus

Luke S.
3rd grade


Polar Bear
I am a good swimmer as a polar bear
running  jump climbing
25 miles 40 kilometers per hour
warm blooded

Sydney H.
3rd grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 5/30



I am Jerry Jr
Son of Jerry Sr
Who needs friends
Who loves legos
Who sees his hands
Who hates being called names
Who fears Phantom Bonnie
Who dreams of making a Freddy Fast Bears Pizza Restaurant
Who would like to see my mom
Resident of Washington

Jerry B.
4th grade


What does Jackie Robinson know?
Jackie Robinson knows the sound of people cheering
he knows the smell of fresh wood
Jackie Robinson knows the taste of fresh air

What does Jackie Robinson know?
Jackie Robinson knows the sound of the bat hitting the ball
Jackie Robinson knows the smell of dirt
he knows the feel of sweat
Jackie Robinson knows the taste of bad air

Jesus L.
4th grade


Dogs are cute
Dogs sounds like a car parking
Dogs  tastes like rotten eggs
Dogs smell like cats
Dogs looks like wolves
Dogs feels like cats

Caden L.
4th grade



Griffin is a mythical eagle.
Griffin sounds like 10 Thousand eagles.
Griffin tastes like a bald eagle.
Griffin smells like heaven.
Griffin looks like a majestic eagle.
Griffin feels like you’re petting a hundred eagles at the same time.

Ian F.
4th grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 4/30



Spiky, translucent,
swimming, eating, fighting,
white bear, sea bear, brown bear, forest bear

Aili H.
5th grade


Fluffy, little, dog
running, through, tall, green, grass,
a, cute, little, dog

Noah B.
5th grade


anger is red
he is really loud
he tastes like strawberry
he smells like Takis
anger looks like fire
he makes me feel mad

Eileen C.
5th grade



Leaves drift down from trees.
The Autumn is cold and harsh.
Autumn sounds like wind.

Jennifer M.
5th grade


cap, dirt
batting, hitting, running
cheering, chanting, yelling, shouting|

5th grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 2/30



One fourth grade teacher had his students research different African Americans.  Students wrote poems based on Joyce Sidman’s “What Do Trees Know?” poem in library.

What does Langston Hughes  know?
knows the sound of jazz
knows the smell of peace
knows the feel of poetry
knows the taste of music
sees the freedom

Aaron C.
4th grade

What does Harriet Tubman know?
Harriet knows the sound of slavery,
Harriet knows the feel of courageous acting during the civil war,
Harriet sees hard working people.

What does Harriet Tubman know?
Harriet knows the sound of the underground railroad,
Harriet knows the feel of escaping from slavery in 1849,
Harriet sees angry slave masters.

Avahlynn R.
4th grade


What does Lorraine Hansberry know?
Lorraine Hansberry knows the sound of clappings
She knows the smell of fresh air
She  knows the taste of air

What does Lorraine Hansberry know?
Lorraine knows the sound of people singing
She knows the smell of  breathing
She knows the feel of sweat
She knows the taste of apple

Brina N.
4th grade


What does Herbie Hancock  know?
knows the sound of piano
knows the smell of sweat
knows the taste of air
Sees audience

What does Herbie Hancock know?
knows the sound of claps
knows the smell of food
knows the feel of jazz instrument
knows the taste of fruit
Sees band

Cameron S.
4th grade



Poetry Friday: A Sneak Peak of Student Poetry for National Poetry Month

IMG_1077Poetry is held at Author Amok. Thanks, Laura.

This blog is entering it’s sixth year of sharing the poetry of Silver Star students during National Poetry Month.


Fourth Grade Poems

I am a megaldawn
I am bigger than the titanic, I am as wide as a school
I  am  feisty, big, and really wide                    .
45 metric tons
I am the King of the Sea

Andrew M.

I am an orange cat
I am as fast as a mouse
I run, chase, and climb
Tom the cat likes to chase mice
I am a kitten


I am a Police dog
I am as good as a firefighter
I save, I find, and I hunt people down
I save
I am a German Shepherd

~Shay S.

I am a cheetah
I am faster than any land animal
I’m fast, I hunt, and I’m not slow
I’m in danger of dying out completely
I am a fast land animal

~Timathy P.

I am a giant panda
I am as fat as  a tree stump
I munch, crunch, and munch
I eat bamboo
I am panda bear.

~Kaytlin T.

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Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.

Poetry Friday: Poetry in Library

IMG_1077Poetry Friday is held today at Robyn Campbell.

It’s the time of the year I love; working with students to create poetry postcards to send during National Poetry Month.  Of course before the poetry postcard, students need to write a poem.

In grades three and four, students have selected an animal to do a micro-research for facts using World Book online. I believe that students need to be creators of new information not just users of information. Once the students have their facts, they then get to write their poem.  It’s a lot to cram into a thirty minute block for library.  Our lessons take several weeks.

One of the neat things is that not library can be a bit more fluid, meaning that the students have their library work in their Google Doc and can work on them in class. And as they share their work I can, view it and respond.  This makes for way more interaction between us.  It seems like I never could give immediate feedback on their papers.

Many are in process but I did find this in a student’s folder so I’ll share it today:

I am a curious koala

I am as soft as a teddy bear

I climb cuddle and sleep

I climb in my moms pouch and get piggy back rides

I am a cuddly marsupial or a Phascolarctos cinereus

~Jasmine O., 3rd grade

More will be shared during April.  Soon the poems will be on their poetry postcards.  And if you desire one to be sent to you in April, you can sign-up HERE.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.