Poetry Friday: First Friday


It used to be that the “First Friday” of every month, grade levels would go to the library to share their writing. We don’t get to do that any more. Time is tight in all classrooms. But what I can do is offer up student poems here on the first Friday of each month.
These poems are a result of the three days with author, Susan Blackaby.

I jump and run fast so cats don’t get me I’m
Tiny but sneaky. I can hide in plain site
And if people try to catch me I will bite
I’m also can be cute nice but if I’m scared
I can fight I’m small but in my head I’m tall

~Rylee D.
4th grade

I am a pink pig.
I am as chubby as a bookshelf.
I waddle and trottle.
I oink like thunder.
I am the barn pig.

~Brevin B.
4th grade

I am a white wolf
I’m faster then a horse
I leap, gallop
I’m invisible in snow

~Vadim C.
4th grade

I am a blue bird.
I am as small as a mouse.
I hover, flap, and glide across the sky.
Dog bark at me as I drift above them.
I am one type of my 9,000 different species.

~Mariah K.
4th grade

This is a sneak peak of the poems coming in April. Poetry Friday is held at Reflections on the Teche.

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


Time to celebrate the week.  More celebrations at Ruth Ayres Writes.


Monday! Our second day with Susan Blackaby, author.  She spent the day teaching students how to write a five-line poem.

20140213_133415      20140224_094943

This was a group poem from Kindergarten.  And she will be back next Thursday for a final writing day.


A sign of spring.  I spied these on my way into school this week.



The dad who volunteered to help the school play with the sound system.  The biggest problem with the school play is the sound system.  No one can ever hear us very well as we have limited mics for all the speakers.


Working with kinders to write their own five-line poem.  I modeled the poem and then they wrote their own. It’s so exciting to see the ranges of writers; those who struggle with letters to those who get it!

20140227_132505 20140227_130959  20140227_130840


Our first five-day week since the beginning of January.  Plus my asthma has subsided and I finally worked out this morning.


And I started the SOLSC 2014 challenge to write every day in March at Deowriter.

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


It’s Saturday.  Time to write about the good things in life and share at Ruth Ayres Writes.


Getting back to school. My snow wish came true, we had two snow days this week. Our Tuesday two-hour late became another day because our parking lot was treacherous (we don’t have to make it up as we were one of three schools in the same predicament).  It was a pleasure returning to school even if only for two days as Friday was part of the Presidents’ Day weekend. February is a wacky month with Presidents’ Day weekend and conference.  Throw in snow days, you wonder if you’ll ever get any teaching finished.


Co-workers who step in to help you out.  My partner with the  PRE-K story hour read the books for me this week due to an asthma flare-up  and loss of voice. Truly a gift for me to not have to read.


  20140213_133415 20140213_135758

The beginning of a three-day author visit with Susan Blackaby.  Her latest book, BROWNIE GROUNDHOG AND THE WINTRY SURPRISE is the best.  Susan will be working with students on where ideas come from and how to elaborate and find the just right word during her time with us.


20140216_165919  20140213_161557

I was invited to talk with students at another elementary school about my little haiku book,

SOLACE IN NATURE.  Plus some of the bought my book!


My online conversation with Diane Mayr about haiku and the haiga she shared for Poetry Friday.


How could i miss this?  CYBILS Winners announced and the fabulous Forest Had a Song: Poems by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater was selected for poetry.

What are you celebrating?