Poetry Friday: Draw by Amy Van DerWater

On Wednesday, I featured Amy VanDerWater. Today she shares this poem with me:


Cavemom said, Draw on our walls!
Caveboy got a bone
dipped it into mud and blood.
And then he felt alone.

The wall was blank. The wall was clear.
He stood in place. He stared in fear.
How would he fill this empty space?
Cavemom looked into his face.

Caveboy darling. Caveboy child.
Draw the bison, free and wild.
Draw your father.
Draw a deer.
Draw your life.
Draw right here.

He drew one tree. She drew another.
They drew all morning, boy and mother.

we will all be gone.
But art we make lives on and on.

© Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

I don’t know about you put I can see the drawings made by the cave of and cavemom. I love the last stanza.
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