Poetry Friday: Fruit Snacks-Snack

IMG_1077Welcome to Poetry Friday. It’s being held at Radio, Rhythm, and Rhyme. Thank you, Matt.

Today I offer up a poem from a first grader. Alyssa was one of my Poetry Rocks’ students.  Today her dad and she came after school to hand me the following poem.  Her dad said she wrote it after jumping on the trampoline last night.  Them he thanked me for planting seeds that were growing. Made my week.

alyssa's Franklin

I think I need to read her class Heckedy Peg by Audrey Wood.


Poetry Friday: The Spoken Word

IMG_1077Poetry Friday is being held today with Ellen at Space City Scribes.

I have a special spoken word poem today by a former student, Marion. They have enlightened me so much about the world of transgender and transgender-fluid over the past few months.

As a teacher librarian, I see my responsibility to make sure the library is a space where all feel welcomed and can find books in which they see themselves.  This is not an easy task for this community. For one thing, I when I have suggested purchasing K5 appropriate books for the collection, there has been some eye rolling.  There’s not much of a selection at this age. And I plan to get a couple of the ones I have previewed.

And thanks to Marion, I realized the the YA community could do better in representing this growing community.

I hope you’ll take a moment to view and hear Marion’s words.

Dear Authors – {spoken word poem about LGBTQA+ representation}

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.