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Thank you for coming to my place today. I have been graced with much needed reminders of beauty and positive vibes like this on the way to work:


Today I am jumping the gun on Veteran’s Day as my students have been creating cards through poetry to give to veteran’s who will dine at Applebee’s on November 11.  As always I am deeply moved by what students write.  I shared a students work with her dad; he couldn’t believe what she wrote and asked for a copy. In addition some students will be sharing at the Veteran’s Day assembly.

A veteran is someone who loves
A veteran is cares
A veteran is someone who stands tall
A veteran is a warrior
A veteran is  someone who is kind
A veteran is as strong as a bear
Thank you for your loyalty
~Mellisa, 4th grade
A veteran is someone who is a hero of war
A veteran is a person that fights for are country
A veteran is someone who is a hero
A veteran is a hero of our country
A veteran is  someone who is a brave and careful person
A veteran is a person that loves his family

Thank you for your help to our country and land of the free

~Braylen, 4th grade

Veterans are heroes
Exstatic about helping our country
Trained to their limit
Extraordinary people
Roving through battlefields unsure of tomorrow
Amazing things done by amazing humans
No limit of bravery
Sustained to fight for liberty and justice

Declaration of independence is safe for another day
All of this because of you
You are a real hero

~Willow, 5th grade

I am posting more each day between today and Veteran’s Day.

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31 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Sharing Student Work

  1. Your Link Up isn’t “open” for 6+ days. I think you need to check the settings. You maybe clicked on Open in 7 days instead of Close in 7 days. Not sure.

  2. Thanks for hosting, and especially for sharing your students’ patriotic poems! What a nice touch for the Nov. 11 appreciation lunch. Am sure both the student-poets and the veteran-readers will be heartened by their shared experience. (Too bad all the students can’t be at Applebee’s to see the vets’ reactions, firsthand. Bet they all wish they could be!) Peace! (Literally!) God bless you and your students!

  3. Hi, Jone. Thank you to your students for sharing their wonderful poems. I especially liked Willow’s line: “Roving through battlefields unsure of tomorrow.”

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  5. Thank you so much for hosting Poetry Friday today, Jone! And thank you for sharing these wonderful poems!

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  7. Jone, thank you for being the Poetry Friday Round-up hostess and for sharing the student work. The children’s thoughts were touching. Giving them a real audience allows for a win-win situation. The children’s voices are heard and the community receives a message about the sacrifices of those who serve. Perhaps you and your students would like to send in offering to Autumn’s Palette Gallery.

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  9. Thanks for sharing these poems here. Great idea to share poems with the veterans at Applebee’s, too.

    Thanks for hosting today. Happy Halloween!

  10. These poems will mean a lot to those who receive them. Some things are just best said as poetry, and your students illustrate this here. They’re lucky to have you. Thank you for hosting today!

  11. I’m a little late today, we had a pre-opening staff meeting and then I stayed an hour later than usual. I could use a good dose of poetry and the kids’ poems have done the trick!

    At Random Noodling I have my poem “Voting” from the PFA for Celebrations, and at Kurious Kitty you’ll find “Alley Cat Love Song” by Dana Gioia.

  12. How wonderful that your students are writing poetry for veterans! Their words are so heartfelt. Thanks for rounding us up! I have had a lovely and productive vacation day!!

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  14. Hi Jone, My contribution is still stuck in Halloween, coming in with Squashed Sonnet. I’ve been writing it for DAYS!! But it’s finally done, or at least I’m out of time. I love your kids poems. Great work!

  15. What a beautiful, meaningful idea, Jone. Important for the kids, as much as the Veterans. They did a great job with their poems.

    My post this week is sharing some illos (and photos that inspired them) from my rhyming PB, ‘This is the Mud!’ published in 2009. I’m sharing today, because the fabulous illustrator, Warren Crossett just won a huge portraiture competition this week. Excited for him!


  16. At a time when there is often more attention paid to the self than to others, having kids focus on, and say “thank you” for, the sacrifices of veterans, whose efforts gave them the freedom to be themselves, is especially important. You’ve reminded me of one of my fondest memories before retiring from fulltime teaching – working on veteran outreach projects with the children.

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