Thirty Days of Student Poetry, Day 28: Third Grade Poetry Exchange

When I went to my grand girl’s school over spring break, we wrote poetry.  Then her class and one of my classes exchanged the postcards.


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Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

oday’s the day to reflect on the week.  Celebrating all the good things at Ruth Ayres Writes.


It was one of the busiest weeks ever and I persevered.  From the play performance to “Bring Your Child to Work Day” to a frustrating library media meeting and the cast party.  Plus other happy events, I am celebrating.


The play.  After over forty hours of rehearsal, students learning their lines, last minute costumes, and students filling in for absent students, “Mowgli, Boy of the Jungle” performed three times on Tuesday.





Arrival.  This box arrived from The National School Project.  Of  one hundred fifty poems submitted by students, more than one hundred thirty nine poems were selected.



“Bring Your Child to Work Day.”  This is the second year my oldest grand girl has spent the day with me.  She’s  great fun to have around.  She read four books to my kinder and first great classes.  Her comments to others were hilarious:

When asked how she liked working for me: “She (meaning me) doesn’t run a sweatshop.  I want to work.”

To my library assistant: “So you check out the books and grandma entertains the students.”


Having two college friends attend the play. It was serendipitous and meant a lot to me.


What are you celebrating?


Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

It’s Saturday which means time to celebrate to week. Thanks to Ruth Ayres Writes for a place to celebrate.

Our first week after spring is finished. I love spring break but it’s always good to get back into the grove.

Use of the library space, the family room of the school.


20140419-212701.jpg Family Library Night: Geology Rocks. The public librarian presented her love of rocks to families and she demonstrated how earthquakes work.

20140419-212830.jpgThe library was transformed to 1803-1804 when a re-enactor came to talk to fourth graders about Lewis and Clark. He brought cool artifacts. The flag here flew over Fort Clapsop. Note: fifteen Stars and Stripes. Plus this bleeding cup. Benjamin Rush showed William Clark how to use.


Thirty Days of Student Poetry




The friendly competition with a staff member and our Fitbits…comparing our walking during the day has increased my steps. Plus I discovered other staff members with them.

All the Poetry Postcards have been sent. More than seventy are winging their way to recipients.

What are you celebrating?

Poetry Friday: Thirty Days of Student Poetry Day 18

Thanks to Robyn for hosting Poetry Friday.

I am a shifty snake
I am as fast as a cheetah
I hiss, slither and bite
I live in a spooky habitat
My favorite food is frozen rats

Hayden C.
Grade 3

I am a little fluffy hamster
I’m as fluffy as a cloud
I’m as fast as a cat
I’m like a little rat
My puffy nest is fluffiest

Kassidi B.
Grade 3

I am a cute cat
I am as sneaky as a fox
I sneak searching for mice
I stalk, run and pounce!
I am a Siamese cat

Lacey N.
Grade 3

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry