National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 15/30


Poetry Friday is hosted by Michelle at Today’s Little Ditty.  I am SO late with this post.  Hate being late.  But I am here now.



Big, soft lion.
I am as sneaky  as a hunting cheetah.
I pouncing,running and jumping that is how I move.
A group  of lions is called a pride.
Cool panthera leo.

Ruth M.
3rd grade


Sneaky fox
I am as fuzzy as a sock
I sneak, pounce,  eat
Name of young: pup
Vulpe vulpe

Emily B
3rd grade


I am as ferocious as a tiger
I swim,hunt and kill.
They are the most foroshes sea animal in the ocean.
Ferocious pliosaur.

Ethan V
3rd Grade


Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.


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